Learning through the Capstone Experience

How has this project changed your perspective about interdisciplinary work, if at all?

Completing the Capstone Experience has given me insight into understanding how the skills that I have developed through studies in my science coursework, including: critical thinking and problem solving, have translated indirectly into my approach to facilitating tutoring. For example, a parent of a student that was hard of hearing approached us with an interest in pursuing tutoring for her student. Unfortunately, none of the tutors that were available to work with this student were fluent in American Sign Language; therefore, I created a series of interactive slideshows and worksheets for the parent of the student to assist her in facilitating the learning process. The feedback we received from the parent was immensely positive, so it seems that this creative adaptation to the curriculum for this student was conducive to the learning process (and subsequently a success!).

What strategies work best to help you communicate with colleagues both inside and outside your discipline?

When scheduling tutoring appointments, it was essential to create a Google Calendar that all tutors and students could access. This ensured that all participants of the Buddy Team Tutoring were able to establish a routine that was conducive to the learning process.

What transferable (aka “soft” skills) are you developing or continuing to develop most throughout the experience?

I am still working on developing my confidence when facilitating instruction. All of the students that I work with through The Buddy Team Tutoring are incredibly kind and respectful kids; however, it can feel a bit daunting (at times) to instruct on a topic that I am less familiar with, such as: a different approach to factoring than I learned in school. Over the past two year, I believe that my confidence has improved and will continue to improve as I continue to tutor.

What technical (aka “hard” skills) have you gained or honed throughout this process?

Prior to creating the website for The Buddy Team Tutoring, I had minimal experience with website design. Through the process of creating a website, I am now comfortable with navigating the GoogleSite platform to create an engaging, easy-to-navigate platform for the families of students.

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