Completion of My Capstone Experience

How did your understanding of your Capstone change? What specific events or interactions led to that change?

Prior to completing my Capstone project, I held a misconception that a Capstone project was reserved for those seeking to share the results of research endeavors. However, I have come to the realization that a Capstone experience is, in actuality, an opportunity to share a multi-faceted culmination of work. By sharing a culmination of my work done through knowledge and skilled gained in my undergraduate studies, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and passions, I was able to create an awesome website that empowers families to seek out individualized, asynchronous curriculum for their students at no cost. Based on feedback that I have received from the families of students that we have tutored, I know that synchronous tutoring is making a difference in their educational journey and I sincerely hope that asynchronous tutoring will continue to do the same.

What did you find most valuable about this experience and why?

I think the most powerful realization that I had through the Capstone experience occurred when I recognized that I, as an individual, have the capacity to make a difference in my community through hard-work, dedication, and collaboration. I became aware of many students in the Pittsburgh area that had their learning process disproportionately disrupted due to the transition to remote learning, collaborated with a peer that had experience in elementary education, and subsequently created a tutoring initiative that sought to address the perceived disparities with engaging, educational curriculum.

Define some of your most challenging moments. What made them so?

At times, managing my academic and extracurricular obligations in addition to my obligations to the students that I tutor has been difficult; however, I feel strongly that the work that we have done over the past two years is making a significant, positive impact in the community.

Now that your project has concluded, what do you hope to do next? Is the project completed? If not, what are the next steps? How will this experience affect your future plans?

I know that I will continue to tutor students; however, I am thinking about expanding the Buddy Team Tutoring services to also include offering individualized feedback and revisions suggestions to college essay drafts for students at Woodland Hills High School. I plan to connect with the WHHS Principal, Ms. Manns, over the summer to gauge potential interest.

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