My name is…


My name is Lauren Charlton and I am a Neuroscience major with a Chemistry minor and certificate in Global Health. I am hoping to attend medical school after graduation. I am from Bucks County, Pennsylvania (which is a suburb outside of Philadelphia) like many other Pitt students. By attending the University of Pittsburgh, I feel so lucky having the benefits of a city campus, while still feeling a close-knit community and campus. I am proud to be a Pitt Honors student as I have access to so many resources that help me develop my studies more deeply and connect with other students doing the same. When deciding my commitment to colleges, being accepted into Pitt Honors made the choice much easier to become a Pitt student. I was intrigued by the small class sizes Honors classes had. In addition, Honors classes and coursework seemed to allow students to dive more into coursework and integrate topics from across degrees and fields that really appealed to my interests. As a freshman, I lived in honors housing in Sutherland Hall that truly was an incredible experience. It was very easy to meet others taking the same coursework as I and allowed more connection into a specific community on Pitt’s campus. In addition, I have taken a few Honors courses so far that challenged my intellect and are seminar-based classes that is a nice change from large lecture halls. My experience in the honors college has been invigorating. I have formed connections between my peers and faculty alike. Additionally, I serve as an Honors ambassador that has allowed my to work with perspective students which truly is an incredible experience. Pitt Honors truly is a community of people interested in all topics, that come together and cross boundaries to integrate various fields of interest.

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