At Pitt I am pursuing a major in Neuroscience, a Chemistry minor and a certificate in Global Health. As a college applicant I knew I wanted to pursue a major in Neuroscience as I am incredibly fascinated by the brain. I felt as though neuroscience combined my interest of psychology and biology in a way that was challenging and interesting to me. Since coming to pitt I have added on a certificate in Global Health. This was a program I did not previously know existed at Pitt, and was incredibly excited when I discovered it. I joined this program because I am hoping to attend medical school after graduation. In the Global Health program, I can look at different forms and systems of healthcare that differ from my understanding of American healthcare. Not only does this challenge my previous biases towards healthcare, but it has opened my horizons to alternate forms of healing. I have taken a Honors class in this degree called Honors Disease and Health in Modern Africa with Dr. Webel. This class is by far one of my most interesting classes I have taken at Pitt as I learned quickly how important it is to be aware and understanding healthcare as not just the limited Americanized view. Dr. Webel stressed the importance of conversing through rather controversial topics while teaching her students how impactful framing and words can be. This class was different than a regular class as it looked more deeply into the coursework, was seminar based with about 15 students, and really valued student opinions and participation. The advantage of taking this class was the ability to immerse myself into the content and interact with it in a way a lecture-based class does not allow. This class was a bit more challenging intellectually and made me focus on my own viewpoints and how that impacts my outlook on life. I feel as though the extra involvement in the course was worth this advantage. This semester I am taking another Honors course called Honors Literature and Medicine. This class is also seminar based and focused on student’s participation in the coursework. While these classes can be more time consuming and reading based, I think the advantageous of small class sizes and seminar based classes in invigorating topics.

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