Hi!! Disclaimer before I start this, the blog app seemed to glitch so this never got posted. I’m so sorry, but it’s posted now!

Over the course of 4 weeks, I studied Wrongful Convictions and Human Rights in London. We stayed in the area where Tower Hill meets Whitechapel, and we studied in Kensington. There were some bumps in the beginning (read prior blogs to hear about my lost luggage, broken laptop, and other rather unfortunate experiences), but my trip to London was incredibly powerful for me. I realized that I do in fact want to study human rights in the future, but that criminal law is probably not the path for me. I’m much more interested in academia than I thought I was, so I now plan to pursue a masters or PhD before I go to law school. The study of human rights, public policy, and LGBTQ+ issues is incredibly fascinating to me so I’m now excited to continue my BPhil research into LGBTQ+ issues. My professors over there provided me with articles and books to pursue in my studies after that course, and I’ve kept in contact with them about my research and such. I also realized that people are genuinely a lot nicer and more helpful than I originally thought; the people on my trip were very accommodating when my luggage was lost, shop workers were pleasant, and strangers were usually willing to chat with you whenever you wanted. You hear stories about London being unfriendly, but that wasn’t my experience at all. One thing I definitely did not expect while over there was the car etiquette. The roads made little sense to me, but not for the reason you would think. I understood the left side of the street just fine, but the roads were very narrow, the intersections were very confusing in terms of right of way, and the lay out of streets was not in a simple pattern. London is very much a city where the roads were built around various things, which means that the roads take bends and turns a lot to accommodate. But overall, my experience in London was life-changing. I plan to bring my experience with social Justice initiatives that I gained in this course with me wherever I go. PittHonors is the first stop on a long journey for me, but I will cherish the opportunities it has provided me to become a world citizen. To engage with the world in such a meaningful way is something I’m incredibly fortunate to have done, and it would not have been possible without PittHonors. So thank you.

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