Living in London

I would absolutely love to live in London. It is probably my favorite city that I’ve visited (second is New York City). London is such a vibrant city, full of culture and life different than my own. Brick Lane has its amazing curry, Kensington has its townhomes, and every part of the city has its own rich history and way of life that compiles to make a mosaic of life. I definitely loved both Kensington and Tower Hill, and I would love to live in either. Both are relatively expensive but they’re gorgeous areas of the city that I would love to live in. As for a professional role, I would actually love to go to grad school or do research there. I’m interested in the Rhodes Scholarship, so attending Oxford and then moving to London would be interesting as a path for me. I’d also love to do nonprofit work there. I’m interested in working for groups like the American Civil Liberties Union or the Human Rights Campaign so finding an organization like that in England would be a career path I would want to pursue. I’m not as in touch with queer issues in the United Kingdom as I am with US issues so I have bought several books to try to educate myself should I choose to move there in the future. That would be a part of the culture I would love to explore more, because as a Gender Sexuality Women’s Studies student I’m always intrigued by the system of queer identity in other countries and in context with the wider culture. I’d also love to dive into the various cultural pockets of the city. Tower Hill, where my apartment is, had a huge Bangladeshi and Indian culture nearby. Brick Lane is known for their curries and food. I would love to explore that area and the other areas of the city. I love Asian cuisine so finding those cultural zones would be great to experience. If I were to love here, I’d probably get a dog. I love dogs; the only time I was really homesick is when I remembered my dogs at home. I also like dogs for protection, so having a puppy for that part of my life would be great. I’d also love to have an apartment by a green space like a park. I love doing work/studying/just being outside. Overall, my life in London would just be what I planned in the states with a slight adjustment.

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