My Internship Experience so far…

The College Xoice application is intended to aid high school students in deciding what college to attend. It is specifically geared towards first-generation college students and school districts in need of assistance. Currently, the main goal of the team this semester is to drive up traction on social media and continue to improve upon the app. 

This project has been up and running for the past couple of semesters, so now that we have an actual product, we want to get more users to utilize the app and just know about its existence. The main role that I have on the team is to analyze a large data set of potential target school districts through an Excel file compiled by another team. I have been familiarizing myself with useful Excel functions and learning a lot as I work with the two data sets. 

Additionally, the other intern and I will be creating content to post on social media. We have drafted up a timeline of ideas that line up with the process a high school student would typically follow in the college application process. I have had a lot of experiences in the past with creating social media content for clubs and during my time at Jumpstart. It is awesome that I have the ability and responsibility to express my creativity through the content I will be posting. 

Another large task that we will be taking on is creating focus groups to test the application. The team always has a huge interest in continuing to improve the app. So they are interested in collecting data from first-time users of the app and hearing from them about what they like or dislike. This will be utilized to modify the app to become more user-friendly. 

This internship is almost wholly based on solid communication and working as a team. We have weekly meetings to determine our goals and tasks for the week. This is a great way for us to update one another on anything significant that has occurred. And one of the big projects that we are currently taking on is creating a project plan for the entire semester. This made me realize the difficulty in planning into the future, even simply the short-term future of 2-3 months. But I also recognize the importance of creating a rough sketch of what I would like the semester to play out as because plans can always be modified to fit whatever occurs in the future. We have been working on this task for the past couple of weeks by inputting more details and figuring out whose responsibility is what. 

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