A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away from Vienna

Hi, everyone reading! My name is Anna Inglis, and I am a rising Junior at Frederick Honors College. I am a double major in Psychology and Law, Criminal Justice, and Society. I am also minoring in History with a concentration in the history of gender and sexuality! I have been a research assistant on two different projects. One was a psychological study that looked at how to increase math talk in play with preschool-aged children, and the second was working on creating a national database for fatal police shootings with a group of Law, Criminal Justice, and Society students and a professor. Quite a difference between the two! Professionally, I hope to attend law school and become a child advocacy attorney. I am passionate about providing legal representation to immigrant and refugee children and families. This professional interest is where my studies of child development and law overlap. Outside of academics, I am in a social sorority, Kappa Delta, and an academic pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. I also play Princess Ariel in The Imagination Project, an on-campus club that brings childhood characters to visit local children’s events and fundraisers in the area. Personally, I am the youngest of three sisters, and I grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In my spare time, I am an avid reader. I read all kinds of genres, but my favorite is Historical Fiction.

This semester I am lucky enough to study abroad in Vienna, Austria, on a Pitt-recognized program run by IES, a company that coordinates study abroad programs for college students. This is my second study abroad experience, as this past May, I had the opportunity to study for two weeks in London, England. The first trip I took only made me more excited to spend a whole semester studying in Europe! I chose to study in Vienna for a multitude of reasons. Academically, this program had a plethora of courses that I was interested in taking and had a psychology-specific track. This broad range of classes helped me ensure that the classes I was taking abroad would fulfill a major or general education requirement at Pitt. The city of Vienna also enchanted me. The city has a rich cultural history, distinctive architecture, museums, and music venues. More practically, Vienna is a particularly safe country for young female travelers. It is centrally located, so I will have many opportunities to travel during my time abroad. I cannot wait for this semester to start so I can grow personally by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and exploring a new place where I do not speak the language(wish me luck learning German!). I will also be able to grow academically by taking fantastic and unique courses in a new environment. I am so excited to take all of you on this journey with me!

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