Ich Bin Ein Berliner


Hallo everyone! I am almost done with my internship in Berlin, Germany, which is making me reflect on the past weeks here. My time abroad has been so much fun that I am honestly dreading going back to the US. I’ve even been considering what life would be like as a full time resident of Germany, maybe after graduation or later in life. After this experience, I can wholeheartedly say that I could see myself living in Berlin full-time. During my program here, I actually went on a trip to Budapest, Hungary for a long weekend. This trip reinforced my belief that I would thrive in a European city full-time, but as of right now I am definitely partial to coming back to Berlin.

Even though I have been in Berlin for so long, I have not explored any other parts of Germany. This leads me to believe that I would choose to live in Berlin full-time, because I love the city atmosphere and the unending list of cultural and historical things to experience, and also don’t have a desire to leave the city. Just being here for a summer, there is no way to see everything that the city has to offer, but I honestly think it would take years of living here to check off every major Berlin sight, not including the hidden gems. My curiosity and exploratory side are what point me towards the idea of moving to another city after graduation, and Berlin’s well-rounded atmosphere is what points me toward this city in particular. After living in a more upscale and older neighborhood of Berlin this summer, I think that I would want to live closer to Mitte or Friedrichshain if I came back permanently. These neighborhoods are up and coming with young professionals in Berlin, and I have found some of the best restaurants in these areas.

If I came back to Berlin permanently, there are many other parts of the culture that I would like to explore. I would be able to try a lot of different restaurants without having to cram them all into one summer, and I would love to get traditional German food again. I also would like to integrate more with Berlin social life, and make more international friends. I mostly stuck with people I knew from America while here, but I think it would be interesting to try and meet more people here outside of work and school.

If I worked a full-time job here, it would most likely be in a bank. Berlin is not a very finance-oriented city when it comes to the larger scope of Germany, but I have always thought about working in the capital markets department of a larger bank, even in the US. One of the main banks that I see while going through the city is Deutsche Bank, so I think it would be cool to come back and work there (once I’ve improved on my German).


Caitlin Jarrell

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