Reflecting on the Brackenridge Fellowship

Throughout my Brackenridge experience, I have learned about the mindset of creative problem solving, the ups and downs of the research process, and the importance of communication with different perspectives. As I traversed through the research process, starting with a literature search, it seemed overwhelming. During the literature search process, I expressed my concern that I felt like I was reading too much and not “doing” a lot. Later on, I found this mindset shifted: the literature search process is just as important as any other steps involved. Doing this process is critical to have enough background to create and innovate.

My Brackenridge project consists of multiple parts and is, in its essence, interdisciplinary. When I drafted my grant proposal for this fellowship, I wrote down strict “deadlines” to complete each of these steps. My project evolved from this mindset, as I was constantly revising different parts of my project non-linearly. Another challenge I overcame was the exciting and overwhelming process of directing an independent research project. Getting into a good workflow was challenging at first, but routinely checking in with mentors and setting a set schedule has allowed me to work productively. I have learned and adapted to each of these situations, and I am thankful for the Brackenridge Fellowship for allowing me to experience this growth process.

Satisfaction Scale; In my hotel, I found a satisfaction faces scale. After viewing this, I reflected on how I could use faces in my own pain scale and the interdisciplinary approaches of scale development and theory for future projects.

Lastly, I recognize the advantages of interacting with an interdisciplinary and collaborative cohort that interacted and challenged my thought process. I learned about novel research and creative projects in disciplines with which I have varying familiarity. Discussing projects was thought-provoking and an experience of genuine curiosity. Communication skills strengthened during this fellowship period across the board. We all grew as a cohort, learning from each other. I also enjoyed workshops where we learned from a group of scholar mentors, who hold a lot of knowledge in their specific specialties.

Although the Brackenridge Fellowship is coming to an end, this is only the start of my research career and professional goals. I hope to delve into different types of research, design, and creative collaboration to drive real-world solutions.

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