I have always strived to be involved outside of the classroom as I have found this has fulfilled a need to interact with my community and also engage more with my own interests. At Pitt I currently serve as an officer and coach for the Panther CrossFit club, serve as a Make the Magic coordinator for Camp Kesem, am involved in Pitt’s Greek life as a member of Kappa Delta, work as a Patient Attendant at Allegheny General Hospital, and am a UTA for Foundations of Biology 1 and 2. This may seem like a lot and it is, but truly without these activities in my daily life I would not be as fulfilled and pushed as currently am. Coaching and competing in CrossFit is one of the most fulfilling activities I interact with every day. CrossFit in it’s own right has pushed me as a retired swimmer to stay in touch with my body, stay healthy, and challenge myself in different ways every single day. Panther CrossFit has allowed me to interact with many students here on campus and coaching has allowed me to extend my passion for this sport to others, while also learning how to effectively communicate with others in various situations. Camp Kesem is a national non-profit that provides a free summer camp and yearlong support to children whose parent has or had cancer. I serve as a fundraiser head for the Make the magic event, and this organization has a special place in my heart. My sister has been a camper at Camp Kesem, and the organization truly has had an impact on my family personally, but truly provides an outlet and support to families struggling with a cancer diagnosis. This organization has allowed me to give back to a community that has given so much to me. I hope to attend medical school after graduation and holding this position in this club has allowed me to interact in a different realm of healthcare, specifically with grief and cancer diagnosis, and has given me a truly remarkable experience outside of learning about these topics in class. As a member of Kappa Delta, I have interacted with the Greek life community here on campus and have been involved with various philanthropy efforts that make me feel more connected to the Pittsburgh community. Last semester I started working as a Patient Attendant at Allegheny General Hospital that has been an incredible experience. Working directly with patients on different floors of the hospital, all for different reasons (dementia, confusion, combativeness, suicide, etc), has allowed me to immerse myself into the medical field. This job has allowed me to gain experience that is not available in the classroom itself, and work as a component of the healthcare system I hope to continue in for the rest of my life. Finally, I am a UTA for Biology 1 and 2. This experience has not only allowed me to revisit topics I learned last year and connect more deeply with the material, it has allowed me to serve as a mentor for other students. All of these activities are vital in engaging with the Pitt community and develop my own experiences and skills. Class can only provide so much knowledge and I firmly believe students must experience more of their own interests and passions in order to develop as a student and a person.

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