College is a time for you to grow and develop as an individual. When picking your college, you must follow what you as an individual wish to achieve, and not follow external forces. In my college search I knew I wanted a community that was passionate about school, but also passionate about becoming involved in a community. I additionally knew I was a pre-medical student, and that the location of Pittsburgh provided an incredible environment with many opportunities to become involved in healthcare during my undergraduate years. The biggest academic drive for me personally was how highly prestigious Pitt’s neuroscience program is, as well as the Pitt Honors program. While biology and hard sciences are incredibly interesting to me, the honors program at Pitt provided a way to cross boundaries and take classes that challenged the traditional Neuroscience major. For instance, I have taken an honors class called Literature and Medicine, that has allowed my love for language and reading to become integrated with my scientific study and the practice of Medicine. I do not feel forced to adhere to major, but am able to explore integrated forms of study, such as my global health certificate. Aside from the academics, I am a person who really values growing myself outside of the classroom. Pitt has so many clubs to become involved in, and a strong community of outside involvement.

In order to see what college, the best fit for you is, you must take a step back and list your priorities. For me, I wanted a campus that was a community but not a complete bubble, integrative academics, and the ability to pursue different activities outside of just class. Pitt all these boxes for me. In whatever college one choses or academic field, my biggest advice is to get involved. Join activities not because they look good for med school but join organization’s you are passionate about and you will go so much farther and get so much more out of those experiences. I have met my best friends, roommates, and supporters from joining clubs on campus such as Camp Kesem and Panther CrossFit. Joining communities that help foster a better you is what is important, so find your people and put yourself out there! College is only four years, and you have the opportunity to forge your own path, so take advantage of the resources surrounding you.

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