Always Something to Do

Hello again!! Despite how much time you spend in classes in college, so much more of life happens outside of the classroom. Pitt offers so many types of activities and extracurriculars to get involved with, which allows you to pursue interests that may not be allotted for within the traditional classroom setting. Whatever I couldn’t do within my courses and my majors, I sought out in clubs and experiences. I am involved in Global Medical Brigades, the National Honor Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi, French Club, and the OCC Honorary Society, and I work as a tutor for biochemistry and organic chemistry. Outside of clubs even, I enjoy painting, hiking, running (/walking…) in Schenley Park, and boxing. I love having things to do, and all of the events and activites that Pitt offers ensures that I am never bored.

My big from my honors fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, and I! The organization offers so many opportunities to get involved with the Pittsburgh community!

I currently serve as the co-president of Global Medical Brigades, which has allowed me to travel to Honduras twice and work with local doctors and healthcare professionals. I have been able to engage with local community members there and learn about medical practices outside of the United States. At home, it has granted me the opportunity to educate myself and others on important topics in international volunteering such as voluntourism, linguistic barriers, and ethical practices. The club was also a way for me to expand on women’s health projects and initiatives, which is a great passion of mine. I work with local and international organizations to make reusable feminine hygiene kits to then send to interested communities in Honduras to help combat gender inequalities in schools. My time in Phi Sigma Pi has also greatly impacted my time at Pitt as it has fostered some of my best friendships, and offers many opportunities for service, scholarship, leadership, and philanthropy. It has been a fun way to get to know like-minded people from different educational backgrounds and interests. Serving as the service chair for the organization also allowed me to gain more exposure with organizations and activists in the Pittsburgh area. 

From my 2019 trip to Honduras where we got to work with local professionals on public health projects!

Experiences within the classroom are beneficial in so many ways but having projects and organizations outside of the traditional education setting has been imperative to the success of my undergraduate career. From getting connections with great Pittsburgh organizations to forming relationships with people around the world, my extracurricular activities have given me the chance to further cross boundaries. My recommendation is to just sign up for anything that seems even remotely interesting at the fall activities fair and attend the first few meetings to see which ones really interest you! In my first few weeks on campus as a freshman, I was at meetings almost every night just to see who I clicked with the most and that was what led me to a lot of the activities I am involved in now (and it has also given me some of my closest friends)! You don’t have to stick with all of them, but they can ensure you get the full undergraduate experience. Some of my best memories and friendships at Pitt have been from the clubs I am involved in here, and I am incredibly grateful for all that I have gotten to do and who I’ve gotten to meet!

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