Always Active

My life is run by what I do, so it was important to me that where I went to school had lots for me to do and learn. And not only does Pitt offer a diverse student body and wide range of courses and majors, it also offers a wide array of other activities to get involved with. For me this was a huge factor in deciding where I wanted to go to school. I like to be busy and am always looking to meet new people or try something different.

Its easy to explore the different clubs that Pitt has to offer during the multiple days of club fairs. A bunch of the clubs set up booths to help tell students about their club – what they do and how to get involved. There are clubs two types of clubs – ones that help you with academics and then the recreational clubs. My recommendation is that you try to get involved with as many as possible in the beginning. It’s a great way to meet new people and there are always a couple clubs that you end up dropping that turned out different than you expected.

When I went to the club fairs, I joined both recreational and academically oriented groups. I joined Pitt salsa club (the dancing kind, not the eating!), the rock climbing team, outdoors club, the architectural club, ski club, sailing club, American Society of Civil Engineers, and a couple others! I didn’t necessarily attend every session of all the clubs I joined but I always have something I can go and do because I’m a part of so many. And most of the clubs don’t have fees to become a member! My friends and I have even created unofficial clubs to go and play beach volleyball or go slacklining.

 No matter which types of clubs you join, they are a great way to relax outside of the classroom. Every club usually holds mixers or other social events in conjunction to their normal activities so that you are encouraged to meet new people and really get involved. Clubs give you the opportunity to work in leadership positions by becoming officers of the club. These positions look great on resumes and can help you expand your network by meeting more faculty and students in other leadership positions.

You should never be afraid to join something new and you should always try to cajole your friends into trying it too! Clubs are a great way to expand your knowledge while having fun and meeting new people.

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