Networking, Networking, Networking

I connected with Adrienne Newcomer Judson, as she is one of the few other people I know of who undertook the Mathematics-Economics Dual major. In addition, she is currently in an Econ PHD program at Georgetown, which is the career path I am currently seeking. She should have valuable insight into how to apply/get into such programs, as well into what life is like under one. I am particularly interested in what graduate schools thought of her major and her experience doing research in undergrad.

I met Professor Leslie Hammond when I took her honors course on the global history of anarchism in sophomore year. She came from both a history and economics background, both fields of which I am highly interested in. The class was fascinating, and exposed me to a huge variety of new ideas and political theories. In fact, it was prof. Hammond who told me about the Brackenridge fellowship, which made her the obvious choice for a mentor when I decided to pursue the fellowship the following year. If your looking to connect with a potential mentor, just email your professors! You already know them, and they are already familiar with your work – it’s the path of least resistance.

This is also how I got an RA position with my Econometrics professor last summer., a completely different kind of research! Its the simplest, and most direct method for making a connection. Plus, it bears almost no cost!


I would love to make connections with those researching economics and political economy at various universities around the world. This would best be done by either directly reaching out to specific researchers or by going to various academic conferences where such people meet-up. In addition, I could leverage relationships I already have with researchers/professors at Pitt by making use of their connections to other academics.

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