Networking, Networking, Networking

I connected with Adrienne Newcomer Judson, as she is one of the few other people I know of who undertook the mathematics-Economics Dual major. In addition, she is currently in an Econ PHD program at Georgetown, which is the career path I am currently seeking. She should have valuable insight into how to apply /get into such programs, as well into what life is like under one.

It’s not Rocket Science (Hopefully)

When explaining ones research to a non-expert audience, it is important to highlight its importance outside of the intrinsic value of knowledge. In the case of my work, this is not too difficult. While at first a lay-person might be skeptical of why they should care about what happened with Anarchism in the 19th century, the fact that this work is inherently political means everyone has some baseline interest in it.

What I Hope To Learn From You

In my time at university I have mostly studied mathematics and economics. However, my passion for science, politics, philosophy, and history has meant that I have always kept interested in other fields – and am now researching in them!

Introduction: Keith Robben

Hey Everyone! My name is Keith Robben and I am a rising senior studying Mathematics and Economics. This summer I will be studying, with the help of my research mentor Prof. Leslie Hammond, the ways in which the Industrial Revolution shaped both the political theory and practice of anarchism. More specifically, I will be applying…