Through the Health Science Research Fellowship over the summer, I was able to learn about the various aspects of research as well as different fields of research. As an undergraduate student, my perspective of research was quite narrow. I only thought of the work I would do in the lab such as specimen processing, chart reviews, data analysis, etc. However, through this fellowship, I was able to gain a much broader perspective. For instance, ethical standards were a part I never took the time to think about. Through our discussions about ethics, I was able to realize the importance it plays in every aspect of research. Additionally, communicating research was another part that I never realized was significant in research until our discussions. I realized that it is an essential aspect that can also lead to future collaboration and contributions to society. 

I found that learning about different research fields and collaborating with others to be the most valuable part of the HSRF experience. It was interesting to learn about projects that were in the same field as mine yet completely different. Additionally, it was intriguing to hear about projects from different fields and the different techniques used in their research. It widened my perspective on how deep and technical research is in the healthcare field. It was also significant to learn about conducting research as a clinician and how a PhD is not a requirement for conducting research as a physician. As someone who wants to work as a physician, it was fascinating to see how much research a physician can conduct despite not having a PhD in addition to an MD.

With the conclusion of the fellowship, I hope to continue my research work with my PI and transition into working on my BPhil application and project. I also hope to attend research conferences to gain exposure and possibly do a poster presentation at a research symposium. Apart from research, I plan to complete my premed requisites and prepare for the MCAT this upcoming academic year. Towards the end of the academic year, I plan on applying to medical school. Personally, I want to be able to make more time for my hobbies and spend more time with my friends and family while balancing academics and extracurriculars. 

Overall, the Health Science Research Fellowship has been an incredible experience for me this past summer! I was able to gain a deeper understanding of what goes into research outside the lab as well as learn about different disciplines. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity as the HSRF has furthered my interests in research, and I hope to apply everything I’ve learned into my future endeavors!

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