First Blog Post

I’m Daley Fraser, a rising sophomore with an intended major in Computer Science. The SHURE-grid program interests me because cyber security plays a significant role in my field and is potentially a career path I envision after college. Moreover, I am eager to delve into the research process and to collaborate with a diverse team of individuals from various backgrounds. Outside of the classroom, I will be participating in the University’s diving team. My hobbies include ping pong and hiking/exploring nature. 

My research revolves around the trade-offs associated with implementing cyber-informed engineering within critical infrastructures, particularly the energy grid. The aim is to achieve desirable outcomes such as enhanced security and efficiency while considering the associated costs and time required to attain them. This issue is crucial for critical infrastructure systems because insufficient security could leave them vulnerable to destruction by adversaries. Simultaneously, businesses must avoid allocating unnecessary resources to cyber security if the risk does not warrant it. 

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