Closing Out the Semester

Following the unanimous passing of the MOU, we got right to work. The students who were interested in working with us from Uniontown created an incredible introductory video for our page and we crafted and outline of goals and content ideas using the concepts from the original proposal. 

Soon after getting the accounts set up we also requested and were approved verification status. This is really helpful so that the people in Uniontown know we are a reliable source of information. 

One of the more impactful videos was the one the UHS students made about what their peers’ favorite businesses are in the city. We received a lot of feedback from people that this was beneficial to the businesses and help foster a sense of pride. 

Since opening the accounts we have reached hundreds of community members, and our content has been seen by thousands. Next year, I plan to stay involved with the Celebrate Uniontown initiative and help pass the torch to the next cohort of students so that they can continue the work and take it even further.

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