Celebrate Uniontown: The MOU


On February 3rd we headed back to Uniontown to have lunch with a handful of stakeholders and garner feedback on the Celebrate Uniontown proposal. 

At this lunch we had people from nonprofits, businesses, the Mayors office, including the Mayor himself, City Council, the County Commissioners and students from Uniontown high school. Everyone had a different perspective and wonderful insight to provide. 

At this gathering we recruited some Students to take on this new initiative, and received positive feedback from the local leaders. As year two of this ten year commitment to Fayette County, I think this was a really beneficial meeting to have. The folks we engaged at this lunch will be really good contacts to have going forward. 

Following this meeting, the Uniontown City Council took our proposal and turned it into a memorandum of understanding that they then voted on and passed unanimously. This gave us the ability to begin work. 

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