Shipping Up (Over? Across?) to Dublin

Fáilte and Happy New Year! My name is Isy, and I’m just about ready to head to Ireland for a semester at Trinity College Dublin. I’m a junior at Pitt studying Political Science and Law, Criminal Justice, & Society along with a minor in French. During breaks and holidays, I get to call the exotic and fabulous city of Cleveland my home (O-H!). I’ve lived in the midwest for my entire life; excluding a few trips abroad, I’ve never strayed from it long enough to get a sense of what the world has to offer. My studies have pushed me to gain global competency on paper and in the classroom. But what use is theory if you never put it into practice? So far, my time at Pitt has trained me to think both critically and globally through a vast array of interdisciplinary courses. Equipped with this knowledge, I’m ready to forge my own curriculum outside of the classroom. 

With a concentration in Comparative Politics, much of my previous coursework was devoted to examining the core theories and accounts of political engagement around the globe. This semester, I’ll be focusing on ethno-nationalist and religious upheaval within periods of Irish history along with European governance and justice. As I mentioned up top, I’m pumped to spend the spring at Trinity College Dublin, my host institution. For a first study abroad experience, I can’t think of a country more perfect to test the waters in than Ireland. Irish culture is exceedingly vibrant; outside of boasting some of my favorite music and literature, the Emerald Isle is also renowned as one of the most friendly countries in Europe. While I couldn’t be more excited to experience the castles, verdant landscapes, and rich folklore, the history of Ireland is the true motivation of my journey. 

As I count down the days to my departure, I’m practically bouncing off of the walls with nerves and excitement (and also procrastinating packing, unrelated). To quell all of the inevitable doubts about leaving home, I try to remind myself that there’s no time like the present to go for it. Life’s too short to give in to the “what ifs” – I’ll be alright if I can adapt and roll with the proverbial punches that come with new experiences. These next months are filled to the brim with unknown possibilities, but one thing is for certain: this semester will have some great craic , so follow along! 


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