About me!

Hello, I’m Grace!

I am a senior History and Political Science double-major receiving certificates in American Sign Language and Public and Professional Writing. I also love making music, and am a member of the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band and the Heinz Chapel Choir.

This semester I enrolled in the class associated with the Appalachian Teaching Project (ATP), HON1010 “Realizing Regional Resilience”, which is a part of The Frederick Honors College’s 10-year commitment to working with the ATP and another stakeholder, the Fayette County community Trust (FCCT). I was intrigued by this project because I believe many people accept inaccurate stereotypes about Appalachia, myself included; it’s important to let ourselves expand our understanding of other people and unlearn negative stereotypes when given the opportunity to. I’m hoping being a member of this group will help me to improve my communication, coordination, and research skills, interact with members of the University community outside my majors, and learn more about and serve our section of the Appalachian region.

At this time I’m still unsure of my current professional goals. What I’ve found most difficult in my college career is having to choose between all the wonderful options put in front of me. I am most interested in American politics and history, with a focus on people whose voices are often overlooked in historical and political narratives. This work with the ATP definitely fits in with those interests, and has the unique aspect of being an interdisciplinary group. Coming out of this experience I hope to have built the skills needed to and have a better understanding of how to work in an environment that isn’t totally comfortable, meaning how to work in a group of people I’ve never met before, interview people very different from me, and produce deliverable recommendations and presentations with a very quick turnaround time.

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