Week 1 in Praha

Dobry den!

I’ve officially been in the Czech Republic for a week now and it has been amazing!! I live in a dorm, and there are about 30 other people in my study abroad program from all over the US. Last week was mostly doing orientation things and getting to know Prague and the Czech Republic. During the first couple days we had welcome dinners and lunches as well as guided walks around the city. We also had so many lessons on how to use the public transportation here, which is so fast and efficient! 

On Thursday and Friday, we went on day trips outside of Prague to learn more about the Czech history and culture. On Thursday, we went to a town called Lidice which was a town the Nazis attempted to erase off the map after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. We learned how deeply the Holocaust affected Prague and the Czech Republic. On Friday, we went to a town called Kutna Hora. This town was a major silver mining town in the 15th century and we were even able to see the mines and the ossuary in the town! After the first week of orientation, we started the Czech language intensive course, which is 5 hours a day 5 days a week for the 2 next weeks. I just finished my 2nd day of class and while it was very hard and tiring, I learned so much!

After spending almost 1.5 weeks here, I have so many goals for my time here. My main goal is to be able to speak Czech conversationally in shops and restaurants as most of the Czech Republic outside of Prague does not speak much English. I also hope to learn how to use the public transportation better and be able to get to wherever I need to in the city without much help! 

Academically, I hope to do well in my Czech intensive language class. It is a really intimidating class as the slavic languages are so much more different to languages I have learned in the past, such as Romance and Germanic languages. I also start the rest of my classes in 2 weeks which will be taught in different styles than I am used to in the US. It will take lots of adjusting, but I am excited to learn things I probably would not have the chance to elsewhere!

I am having the best time in Prague and am so excited for the rest of the semester here!

Na shledanou!

This is what the walk to my classes looks like!

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