Reflecting On My Internship at Massachusetts Advocates For Children

Since my internship has officially ended, I will use this last blog post to reflect on my experience at the Massachusetts Advocates For Children in Boston. Through the privilege of serving at the organization this summer, I have gained new skills that will be invaluable to me moving forward. I am excited to share my experiences with the broader Pitt community.

During my summer interning at Massachusetts Advocates For Children under their Racial, Equity and Access Program, I was tasked with developing a resource guide for Boston Public School students who may be experiencing Racial trauma. The first step of this project required me to gather extensive research on racial trauma and how it impacts students of color throughout their academic careers to develop an informed and accurate guide for students. During my research, I gained insight into the school-to-prison pipeline, imposter syndrome, and how these factors are all rooted in Racial trauma.

The next step of my project was to incorporate student voice into the project as I developed the resource guide. To achieve this, I conducted numerous interviews with Boston Public School students. It was essential for us at the organization to understand what students knew about Racial trauma and hear about their accounts of it. We wanted to hear first-hand what students thought would be helpful to include in the resource guide. This was my favorite part of the project because it allowed me to interact with youth to learn more about their personal experience and provide them with confidence that there are organizations in the Boston area that care for their needs as students of color.

After successfully gathering research on Racial Trauma and feedback from students through interviews, the deliverable for the resource guide will be a page on the website informing students of what Racial trauma is and various resources made available to support students dealing with racial trauma.

Overall, I am super grateful for having the opportunity to intern in Boston this summer at an organization that shares a similar passion to mine. I am immensely thankful to everyone at Massachusetts Advocates For Children for taking me in this summer and David C. Frederick for making this opportunity possible.

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