The Start of My College Xoice Journey

Hello world! My name is Kimberly Chen, but you can call me Kim. Some fun facts about me are that I have been on a swim team for over 8 years and my favorite stroke is freestyle! I also enjoy painting with acrylics in my free time because I find it super relaxing. However, I can’t continue that hobby right now, so I watch shows and videos to clear my mind instead. My favorite comfort shows are The Office, Victorious, and Flower of Evil! 

Currently, I am a junior at the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying finance and business information systems. I also hope to complete a certificate in business analytics. I chose the combination of these majors because I am interested in working in the finance and technology field. Throughout my childhood, I have always enjoyed working with numbers and analyzing various things. During high school, I was a part of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program and that has motivated me to remain active in the tech community. Additionally, as the world continues to make advances within the technology field, I want to adapt to all the rapid changes. 

I am excited to be an intern on the Decisionator team. I chose to become an intern for College Xoice because the mission of the company resonated with me. The company’s mission is to aid high school seniors, specifically first-generation college students, in need of assistance during the college application process. As a first-generation student myself, I know I could have found a lot of use out of the app that College Xoice has created. It would have saved me a lot of time and tears. The app aids college students in simplifying the college decision-making process and providing resources for students to make the best possible choice for themselves. Throughout this experience, I hope to increase the outreach and awareness of this application. Our team has already had so many interesting ideas on how to increase engagement on social media. I am excited to begin creating inspiring content as well, aiding in improving the app, and performing further research concerning the college application process. I hope to improve my interpersonal skills, get to know my co-workers, and how to best work on a team in the most efficient manner. 

After graduating from college and through all the hands-on experience I have had, I hope to work in the fintech field, at a startup or perhaps a corporation. I am not entirely sure what position I will be aiming for because I am still exploring and learning about new jobs every day! I am super excited to begin this new journey!

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