Wyoming Spring Creek – Home On the Range

I’m no scientist, but I’m closer than I was six weeks ago. For me, this field study was a little window into the the worlds of brilliant scientists like our instructors, guest speakers, and even some of my classmates. They blew me away. I learned about the history of the world and how it shapes the environments that we see today. The instructors helped us develop skills to analyze both; they trained our eyes to see things in new ways, and our minds to make sense of those things that we saw. I got familiar with new procedures that are being used to answer important questions. Then, as part of the independent research project, I gained experience delivering my findings to a room full of people. The academic experience was everything that I’d hoped it would be, and so was the extra-curricular. My classmates were phenomenal; as a transfer this year, I didn’t know many people from Pitt, but I found a community in this group that I hope will last into the future. I also found time to do things that I enjoy – I took a nice ride on a nice horse and did a little shed hunting.

Looking at things from new perspectives drove some serious academic growth, and organizing and delivering my thoughts in different formats forced some professional growth, too. I’m thankful for that, especially moving forward into a junior year of college where the adult world is drawing closer. Yikes. But really, to everyone who made this trip possible: thank you. I’m better off than I was before Wyoming, and ready to apply what I learned. At Pitt, that means using and sharing my new knowledge to succeed in the classroom. I’m also encouraged to reach out and form relationships with more students at Pitt. That’d be some personal growth for me, but if this group of students is any kind of representative sample, I’d say putting myself out there would be worth it. As far as my career goes, this experience will be invaluable. I want to be an environmental lawyer, and with so many disputes around public land use to solve, I’m glad that I’m more familiar with the things that we have on it. I’d recommend this program – a summer among the scientists – to any Pitt student.

Thank you all,


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