Brackenridge Reflections and Looking to the Future

My research evolved quite a bit over the summer. Because my project was not started before the summer, I feel that I explored my research topic and methods throughout the Brackenridge Fellowship. This was my first research project where I was the PI, so I felt my perspectives on research shift with this new responsibility. I learned about the tedious nature of IRB approval, interview creating, and data analysis.

Without a team to consult, I felt stranded at times. This was my first individual research project. Despite the lows, the highs of conducting research this summer allowed me to expand my skills as a researcher, far beyond my previous capacity. The Brackenridge offered me invaluable experience in research skills and independence. I feel that these two expansions were the most valuable about the Brackenridge experience. Without this fellowship, I would not have the resources or time to conduct an individual research project full time.

Now that the Brackenridge Fellowship is coming to a close, I feel that I need to redirect my attention towards my future. While conducting this research project, I found my love for this kind of work. This fellowship has inspired me to apply for the Fulbright Program in 2023 to do full time research in Morocco. Aside from working on this application, I will be studying for the GRE as I prepare graduate school application materials for the future. I would like to pursue a masters in public health, where I will continue to build upon research skills from the Brackenridge fellowship. In addition to these academic and professional pursuits, I will personally push myself to do more independent research. The idea of working without a team seemed scary before this fellowship, but I now feel prepared to expand my skills independently. I will continue working on my research from the Brackenridge Fellowship throughout the upcoming Fall semester to contribute to my BPhil thesis. In the next year, I want to finalize and present my BPhil thesis for graduation and submit my paper to academic journals for publication.

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