Week 2: expectations

Hi everyone! Greetings from London!! We’re deep in the grind of class time and the struggle of work is setting in. We just visited Stonehenge and Bath, and being enriched in this history was immensely powerful to me. Connecting to my English heritage in that way was incredibly important to me. I expected more trips like this over the course of this program, but due to Covid and other complications, we aren’t able to do as many programs and extra curriculars as a whole group. This means that my friends and I have been able to explore the city on our own and enjoy the sites that are more personal to us. So even though I did not have my expectations met, I am greatly enjoying the city on my own terms. Going into this program, I expected the classes to be much like the classes I’ve had back at Pitt: a bunch of lectures/discussions. But the classes are taught much more like law school/graduate school classes; it involves much more case planning and practical applications of learning. The professors also did not match my expectations. I do not know quite what I was expecting, but it was not the professors that we have (and that’s a good thing). One of them has spoken before the UN, and the other is a branch founder of the Innocence Project. They are both highly skilled professionals in their respective fields, and I have a great deal of respect for them and thus learn more as a result. Their teaching methods may be a bit not like what I thought they would or should be, but I enjoy the class and the work all the same. I also thought that these professors would be less likely to write recommendations. A lot of times, professors only give a set number of recommendations to keep their docket clear. But these professors have shown to be willing to write us all recommendations. I appreciate this immensely. I am looking to apply to graduate school or law school, so having recommendations from highly qualified people like these professors is a huge relief. Attached are some fun snaps from this weekend’s trips!

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