Wyoming Spring Creek – Perceptions and Pleasantries

Severing ties with our perceptions is a difficult task. Holding on to our original presumptions and belfies about people or places is easy; it gives us a sense of security, especially when you’re being dropped into a completely foreign environment. In complete honesty, I made fairly harsh assumptions about Wyoming originally. I didn’t trust that this experience would change me, one way or another. In these two weeks, however, I’ve met some truly incredible people and had experiences that I never would have had anywhere else.

The first person who stood out to me was Kelly, a geology professor at a local community college. However, that’s not her only skill; she is a judge in the local brewfest, hosts a radio talk show, and not to mention that she is an expert paleontologist. The first time we really got on talking was when we discussed how horribly written the Tyrannosaurus imperator paper was, and yes we did share similar strong opinions about that research. What really struck me was how well connected she was within the Laramie community. She seemed to know everyone here and if she got along with them, I know I’d like them too. Everyone has been so much more kind than I could’ve ever imagined, even the firemen in Rock River who laughed at me when they heard mention of me eating a veggie burger could hold an amazing conversation.

Kelly, and everyone I’ve had the privilege to talk to here, have shattered my expectations for what Wyoming is. No one has been rude or judgemental in any regard. Every Wyomingite takes pride in their state, from the rolling grass plains to the snowies. They are proud of who they are and the environment they’ve created, and they should be. Laramie is a fantastic town filled with down to earth people who want nothing more than to share their culture with others. I’m so thankful I’ve had the chance to come to know and love Wyoming the way Kelly, the firemen, and everyone else does. What does it take to live in Laramie? That’s an easy question to answer for me now. The trick is to live in the moment and be proud of who you are and what you do, and that’s a lesson I think everyone can benefit from.

stay well,


my friends 🙂

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