Python for The Data Jam: Communicating my Research

While working through my project I have become increasingly aware of the purpose it will serve. The Data Jam is a program that aims to empower students to pursue their passions in the field of computing. I hope to engineer a project that acts as a ramp of inspiration for these students. Python for the Data Jam will begin with simple coding examples but will evolve to cover powerful and current topics. I hope that this project will demonstrate how the students can use their skills to build something from nothing. My research this summer will hopefully empower many students to find a new passion in computing.

As I become more invested in the development of my project, the desire to apply it in the upcoming Data Jam season is overcoming me. It is very difficult to get feedback from students during the summer, so the project is going to be trialed for the first time this fall. My anticipation of student comments and critiques grows by the day. This anticipation also motivates me to write my tutorial in a comprehensive way to reach the most students possible.

This experience has prompted me to think about my future in academia; I am enjoying developing educational tools now so why should I not pursue it further? The world of computing is rapidly expanding. Around the world, students are learning how to work with computers. The breadth of computing education opportunities around the world has caught my interest lately. Could I continue to apply the educational skills I am learning this summer to different areas of the country or world? I am not sure yet; however, I am thankful to have an early experience in the world of research and development as it has let me consider the plethora of opportunities available to me.  

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