Exploring Public Service on the Hill

Hello! My name is Sarah Siddiqui, and I received the William J. Keefe Congressional Fellowship award for this summer. I am currently interning on Capitol Hill in D.C., and I am excited to check in with an update about my experiences so far. 

Interning in my office has been an amazing experience, and I have learned so much about the skills necessary to work in public service. Interning in the Senate has enabled me to understand the importance of public service professions and the impact that public service can have on communities. 

I have also been able to explore the legislative process on a deeper level, and I have learned how crucial perseverance is to creating legislation. A deep sense of motivation is definitely necessary to advance legislation on the Hill. Successful legislation is often accompanied by a long development process. Legislators and their teams must continuously workshop legislation until it best meets the needs of constituents. Consequently, persistence is integral because legislation will likely have to be adapted and redrafted.

A strong sense of empathy is also crucial when working in public service. During my internship experience, I have seen the diversity in perspectives that individuals hold. Everyone’s outlooks on issues have been shaped by their experiences, and it is important to recognize that working in public service means understanding that everyone’s opinions are valid. My internship experience has enabled me to learn how to genuinely respect other’s viewpoints, even if they differ from my own. 

As an intern, I’ve also gained a newfound understanding of the value in seeking advice from others. Every staffer on the Hill is immensely knowledgeable about their field. When interning, I have found that it’s important to ask for advice and suggestions from others. By receiving advice from others, I have been able to learn more about public service and legislation from individuals who have had extensive experience in those disciplines. 

Throughout my experience, I have also noticed just how much passion people working on the Hill hold. Individuals are genuinely inspired to make a positive impact on society, and they bring this passion with them to work every day. They are eager to improve the lives of others, and they are motivated to promote positive advancements. 

Interning in the Senate has given me the opportunity to learn integral new skills and has enabled me to further appreciate public service. I am excited to continue my internship on the Hill and to continue learning throughout this experience.

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