Communicating my work in the Thompson Run Watershed

My work in the Thompson Run has been off to a successful start. After facing some initial challenges, I have achieved a multitude of goals that I have laid out for myself. I am progressing closer and closer to the stage where I can begin to report my findings, and I must begin the process of finalizing effective communication methods. 

As I have stated in prior blogs, this research is being conducted with the community in mind. The Thompson Run Watershed is heavily populated, much of its land being utilized for residential needs. Residents of this watershed deserve to be informed of their watershed’s health and ways it can be improved, as it directly impacts their well-being. 

For my sampling, I have contacted residents regarding their willingness to permit water testing on their property. These are households I will hopefully communicate with directly post-analysis of samples.

Now, one might ask how my findings can be communicated. So far, I’ve come up with a few dispersion methods. First, is this blog. Once I finish my final analysis on samples, I am going to report back here with important conclusions about the watershed. The second method will be through pamphlets. With any luck, we will be able to distribute pamphlets containing findings and conclusions about the watershed. 

I am hoping to utilize my work as a steppingstone to graduate school. My portfolio of work this summer directly correlates to my future research goals, and with any luck I can use this to display my interest in and dedication to my local environment. 

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