Communicating my research with the Allegheny County Policing Project

Over the past couple of years, accountability for publicly funded systems, specifically the police, has come under scrutiny for a need for reform. As a fellow working with the Allegheny County Policing Project, I get to interact with my faculty mentor, Dr. Sera Linardi, and a myriad of community members. This research project is important and can be something that can be used and accessed by so many people, so the most important factors in communicating effectively are transparency and clarity. In order for this research to be accessible to everyone, being clear about what things mean and simplifying terms so that you do not have to be a lawyer to understand the intricacies of collective bargaining agreements for police departments.

Through this project, I plan to make an infographic for how to read a contract to accomplish clarity for a wider range of people. Additionally, Allegheny County Policing Project (ACPP) has connections with social activism groups around Pittsburgh, and so through collaboration, the research that I do can evolve to include the wants and needs of advocacy organizations. With the involvement of more organization, my research can connect with more people that are not currently directly involved with ACPP.

Research is about collaboration and specifically community research is about interacting and connecting with the community. I think that community needs and social activism are important and something that I want to pursue after this fellowship.

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