Vanessa Pratt’s Introductory Post


Hi, my name is Vanessa Pratt and I am an incoming junior at the University of Pittsburgh. My intended majors are marketing, supply chain management, and environmental studies. On Pitt’s campus, I’m involved in the Filipino Student Association, Asian Student Alliance, American Marketing Association, and Epsilon Eta (an environmental honors fraternity). To stay active, I like lifting weights, partaking in the High Voltage ultimate frisbee team, and playing intramural soccer. In the future, my dream job would be to market for an environmentally sustainable company that is socially ethical as well.

I have enrolled in the Wyoming Spring Creek Field Study this summer to not only complete my environmental science field course requirement that will keep me on track to graduate with 150 credits, but to also gain hands-on experience in the field in a part of the country I’ve never been to before. I’m extremely interested in the curriculum that involves surveying wildlife, examining fossils, and acknowledging the current issues in the area. Hopefully, by the end of this journey, I will gain more knowledge about the diversity of the U.S.’s various ecosystems, observe professionals in different environmental sectors, and strategize potential solutions to counteract the damage being done to our planet. Personally, I feel as though I am mentally recharged after spending time in nature, so the camping elements would be very beneficial to me. Although I may become mentally and physically exhausted after trying to retain lots of information and spending hours exposed to the elements, I believe this trip will teach me that a positive mindset and good attitude will make any experience exponentially better for myself and those around me. I think being so far away from the people I know for such a long duration of time will help me become more independent, grateful for what I have at home, and thankful for the opportunity with the potential of such a great amount of personal and academic development. I also feel as though employers are always searching for common ground or new topics of conversation, therefore this six-week experience will help me stand out as a competitive applicant with unique skills that could be translated into my future career. Not to mention, I may establish strong connections with the professionals and other students in this field study with different perspectives that could assist me in discovering the right path in my professional development.

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