Rewriting my Future in Nicosia

If I had the opportunity to be a full-time resident in Cyprus I would probably choose to live in Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus. I would love to live in Nicosia because it is divided by the venetian wall into the new and old city. During my two weeks in Cyprus, we stayed in the old city of Nicosia everyday except for one night we spent near Limassol. The old city is characterized by beautiful architecture inspired by English and Italian architecture. The city streets are lined with beautiful cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Freedom square joins the old city to the new city with a beautiful architectural design by Zaha Hadid. The new city is characterized by taller apartment complexes, modern shops, and more coffee shops. One of my favorite things about my time in Nicosia is that everything is within walking distance. In fact, some of the streets are pedestrian only which made living in a city seem much slower paced.

There are several different engineering career options within the city of Nicosia. However, if I were to live there full-time, I think that my dream would be to be an engineering professor at the University of Nicosia (UNIC). The university is a short drive from the old city and would allow me to have easy access to both the new and the old city. Furthermore, the university itself is beautiful and boasts modern dormitories, a beautiful outdoor cafeteria, and large lecture halls. All of the faculty members that I had the opportunity to meet were very kind and excited to meet students from the United States. The University of Nicosia has a prominent global semesters program, so there are typically students studying from all over the world there. This would give me the ability to teach people from all over the world and have more of an appreciation for different cultures. I would love to start a cooperative education program at UNIC that would allow engineering students to complete job rotations at some of the engineering companies on the island.

Because the whole island of Cyprus is smaller than the state of Connecticut, living centrally in Nicosia would give me the ability to easily travel to different cities in Cyprus. One of my favorite places we visited was Paphos. Paphos is a beautiful city that is full of history. While in Paphos, we were able to visit an archeological park that housed a large outdoor amphitheater, the remains of one of the first houses in history, and large handmade mosaics. They are currently still uncovering more mosaics and archeological sites throughout Paphos, so it would be fun to be able to keep visiting as more of history is uncovered. 

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