Looking Ahead: My Summer Internship on Capitol Hill

Hey everyone! My name is Hattie and I’m a rising junior at Pitt studying Politics & Philosophy as well as Museum Studies, with a minor in English Literature. This summer, I was awarded the William J. Keefe Congressional Fellowship, which has allowed me to pursue a congressional internship in Washington D.C. Being a student in Pitt’s Honors College for the past two years has truly been a very fulfilling and educational experience, and I’m excited for my next two years at Pitt. 

Throughout my time at Pitt I’ve been able to get involved in numerous student activities. One of my favorite aspects of student life on campus has been being a member of Pitt’s Mock Trial team. I’ve spent the past two years competing on the team and am thrilled to spend my third year as President. Not only that, but I’m a second year Global Ties Mentor which has allowed me to engage and work directly with incoming international students on Pitt’s campus. This year, I’m also serving as a Pitt to You Ambassador which has further helped to develop my passion for connecting with and welcoming international students to Pitt. 

I grew up in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, a small, rural town about an hour south of Pittsburgh. Growing up in such a small town has really helped to shape my interests and passions, and has led me to develop a passion for equity in education, especially as it pertains to rural schools. I am particularly interested in striving for equitable funding for rural locations and strengthening teachers unions in public institutions. These passions have led me to explore the public service field, especially as it relates to working in policy and legislation. 

When I graduate from Pitt, I’m hoping to pursue a law degree and work in the public service field. I’m particularly interested in representing unions as an attorney or working more directly in education policy. Equity in education is an issue very close to my heart and I hope that anything I do in the future and throughout my career will lead back to improving the funding and conditions of public school’s across the United States. 

This summer, I’ll be interning in Washington D.C. as a Legislative Intern in the House of Representatives. I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity and the ability to engage more directly with politics and legislation. I hope to learn more about the daily operations of Congress and the steps that it takes to advance political issues in order to enact direct change. I’m also looking forward to learning more about education policy and the things that are being done on a federal level to advance the interests of students and teachers in public schools. 

My internship this summer will allow me to gain a better sense of the various paths a career in public service can take as well as help to better inform the route I hope to take with my own professional future. Not only that, but working on Capitol Hill throughout the summer will provide me with a lot of opportunities to speak with staff members directly about their professional experience and the paths that they took to lead to their current job. 

I am looking forward to beginning my internship and am very grateful to the William J. Keefe Congressional Committee for providing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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