Living In Dubrovnik

Hello! I have now been in Croatia for two months and so far I am loving the city of Dubrovnik and my new everyday life here. The food is fantastic and it has been such a privilege to explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its history without the large crowd of tourists that arrive each summer. While here in Dubrovnik, I have been living in the Dubrovnik Student Dorm. This Dorm was funded by the European Union and completed recently in 2020. It is a very nice, modern building that caters to students and the everyday student life. The dorm is located in central Dubrovnik, so it is in walking distance to many coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants. This dorm is open to all students in Dubrovnik, so I have had the opportunity to meet Croatian students as well as all the other students from around the world who are also studying in Dubrovnik. Even though the dorm houses students from all over the world, my roommate is also from the United States and studying in my program. It has been nice having some familiarity in this time of all new experiences! I look forward to keeping you all updated on my journey! 

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