GBI: London

Hello everyone! My name is Daria Osiian and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a student within the College of Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in statistics, pursuing an additional International Business Certificate.

I’m from Orenburg, it’s a city in southwest Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan. I think that I’m more person of “numbers”, because I like mathematics, statistics, and etc. One of the reasons I was planning on doing a finance major is because it’s connected to numbers. The University of Pittsburgh has a highly rated College of Business Administration, that’s why I have decided to apply to Pitt,  and I have not been disappointed by my choice. 

I’m a studеnt, so I study a lоt but as a studеnt I also try to hаve fun and spеnd my frеe time in the way I wаnt to. Usually whеn I’m tirеd, I like rеlaxing. I can gо out somеwhere with my friеnds, or go to the pаrk. I also like gоing to eat something nicе, to cook somеthing tasty or just wаtch a movie and try nоt to think about anything else. The оther way of spеnding my frеe time, if I am not tired, is trаvelling. I think trаvelling is the most exciting activity fоr me. I can mеet new pеople and discоver new things. I really think thаt travelling to othеr countries or gоing for a small trip arоund your city thаt you stay in cаn be a wоnderful thing becаuse it gives you pоsitive emotions and hеlps you relаx.

I have decided to participate in Global Business Institute: London this summer. A global center of finance, marketing, and economics, London offers an unparalleled setting for studying business. The desire to move forward encourages me to acquire new knowledge and skills. GBI would be a huge step in working on myself. I am sure I will be able to improve and systematize my knowledge on the topics I have learned, and explore new specific areas of study. I am sure GBI will not only allow me to practically apply isolated academic principles I had studied, but it also pushed me to traverse multiple disciplines to expand my knowledge.  I want to become adept and successfully communicate with others. Additionally, I want to learn how to offer new ideas in a group setting. This program can help me understand what skills I need to improve in the work setting area. What I took away from the experience can be measured by what I put into it.

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