Interdisciplinary Learnings

Personally, my favorite aspect about the Brackenridge Fellowship is the diverse community it breeds and, consequently, the unique opportunity to learn from those of so many different disciplines. Through only the limited interactions with my cohort over Zoom meetings, I know that this group of 36 fellows will certainly provide so many opportunities to learn. This, I believe, is particularly important for me, as a pre-med, because many times research in this field is solely from science disciplines, when in reality, there are so many other areas that can fall within research and investigation. From this summer, I hope to gain some creative inspiration from the other fellows, particularly those who are researching topics in the humanities, as I think this is an integral aspect of research. Some of the fellows have such interesting topics and therefore I would love to know where this inspiration and ideas come from. I also am interested in learning more about qualitative research methods from fellows who are doing such work.

Looking at the other’s projects, I see similarities with Alay Gandhi’s and Aboli Kesbhat’s work, as these both involve projects that are in the medical fields and particularly, Alay has aspects of lab work and basic research similar to mine. However, with my project I also see more of a clinical aspect in which I am interacting with patients. Additionally, I also see similarities with Vidya’s project in that we both are using our research to create educational tools, which will be interesting to explore and I look forward to seeing her final creation. Apart from these projects, I think some of the others have really fascinating projects that are very different from me; for instance, Dionna’s project with short stories to reflect language discrimination is an extremely interesting way to convey this issue. Additionally, Emily Rothermel’s research interests me since it ties together environmental waste and health, which is often an understudied topic in science. Ultimately, seeing everybody’s unique projects is quite interesting and something I look forward to.

Based on seeing everybody’s different work, I think working with individuals of different disciplines can have immense benefits. For instance, in science, we often lose track of the idea that many people do not understand the terminology used. Therefore, consulting with people from the humanities can help in promoting better scientific understanding. Additionally, I think that the humanities has some extremely creative individuals and speaking with them can also help those working in science. Given these understandings, I do not think there are any negatives and working together can only foster better knowledge.

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