Different Perspectives: A New Lens on Research


In the recent weeks of the Brackenridge Fellowship, I have enjoyed interacting with my peers and learning about the wide variety of ongoing research projects. In addition, I have enhanced my knowledge about different methodologies of conducting research and have learned about the interesting questions that are being asked and researched by a group of talented and passionate students. During this program, I hope to learn from my peers how different types of research are conducted and explore different interpretations of the world through their research.

Within my cohort, I enjoyed reading everyone’s initial posts about their research projects and educational backgrounds. Research within my cohort involves fields such as epidemiology, ecology, and health sciences. While most people in my cohort are researching within the bioscience and health science field, there is a variety within the projects and methods used to collect and analyze data. For example, Ryan, Aboli, and I are studying different aspects of cognitive functioning including memory. However, our approaches and methodologies to studying memory are varied as well as the participants in our research. I enjoyed reading Beck’s project and it stood out to me since it is a different field of research. I am interested in learning more about her research as well as learning new ways to interpret other health science projects. Overall, everyone’s project addresses interesting questions and I look forward to learning more about their research.

One benefit of working with people across disciplines is facilitating integrative conversations and discussions to solving real-world problems which are often interdisciplinary. I also look forward to working with my peers so that I can enhance my communication skills when discussing my research. A challenge in discussing research in this interdisciplinary setting might be the reiteration of background information; however, the difference of opinions and educational backgrounds may allow me to view my research from a different perspective and enhance my research process rather than hinder it.

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