A Grand Forum for Discussion


                There are many things that I hope to learn from my cohort this summer. First and foremost, I hope to learn what everyone’s projects are about. The Brackenridge emphasizes interdisciplinary work, and I am looking forward to learning about all the different nuances of these projects, and the possible connections between them. Also of great interest is the experiences that people have had here at Pitt. It will be very enjoyable to listen to people recollect some of the work that they have previously done, and, again, see how they compare to each other. Finally, I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on the reading assignments for this course, as well as sharing my own. So far, these readings have brought many fascinating insights, and I look forward to hearing more! Overall, I hope that the meetings can serve as a forum for a variety of interesting topics.

                There aren’t any projects that seem to be similar to mine. There seem to be quite a few medical projects, such as Aboli Kesbhat’s “Recovery on Traumatic Brain Injury”, and Izza Choudhry’s “Impact of ADHD risk on the Quality of Mother-Infant Interactions”. Aside from both being projects in the sciences, mine doesn’t seem to have too much in common with the other projects. As for projects that interested me, Hunsi Jayaprakash’s “What we can learn from forgetting” is very intriguing, as I always enjoy when computer-related concepts are applied to medicine. Machine learning in particular is very fascinating, as there many issues that it can be applied to. Overall, there are many different projects, and I hope to learn more about them as the semester goes on.

                Many benefits exist when working with people of other disciplines. One of these, as mentioned earlier in this blog post, is learning about what other people are doing. It is also good to see whether your area has any sort of applications to their area. For example, my project’s end goal has to do with satellites. In my particular cohort, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is doing work with satellites, but if there was, there could be a potential avenue to work together. As for difficulties, the major one is that most people in a different area don’t know much about mine, and vice versa. This can make working together difficult, as there is a type of “language” barrier between the disciplines. All in all though, I think that working with people in other disciplines will be a great experience.

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