Accomplishments of All Sizes

            I have not had one specific accomplishment that encompasses my work here at Pitt. Instead, I have allowed myself to integrate into the Pitt community in different ways and made many more accomplishments every single day that makes me a better student. I am a person who is passionate about more experiences than just one. So, my accomplishment here at Pitt is balancing the number of activities and rigorous schoolwork I am in. I am proud to work as a tech at Allegheny General Hospital, while being a Bio UTA, while holding leadership positions in Camp Kesem and Panther Crossfit, while taking honors classes and earning Dean’s list each semester at my time at Pitt so far. I additionally, planned and recruited donors for a fundraising event in my role at Camp Kesem, while working in conjunction with students from Carnegie Mellon University, which turned into a very successful accomplishment. My goal this year was to gain hours in clinical experience, and I in awe of how much I have learned and experienced as a healthcare worker so far. In order to balance all of these activities out throughout the year, I keep a tight schedule and plan ahead for the future. My goals moving forward are to increase my involvement in research on campus, and I am prospectively working in a lab next semester. This is a different venture for me as I have always enjoyed working on the clinical side of healthcare more but am over the past year have grown my interest in how these mechanisms that are applied in the hospital are created. This goal will challenge myself intellectually and help develop my intellect as a student. With COVID plaguing our entire last year, I think it is important for students to be aware of the environment they have continued to operate in and be incredibly proud of that. For myself, I am proud of all I have accomplished here at Pitt so far, even if it is not one specific reward I have received, and I think it is valuable to celebrate these accomplishments of all sizes.

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