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About Me

Hi! My name is Zongkai Wang. I am going into my junior year majoring in Philosophy & Economics and minoring History.

I’m an international student from Beijing, China, and I came to study in the US when I was 14. I love to experience different cultures. I have lived in Nepal, China, and the US for years. And I have traveled to Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba.

Self-conducted research on Tibetan Buddhism philosophy in LongPu temple, GongJue county, Tibet.
Mission Trip to Honduras with my highschool (Christian Academy of Indiana).
I organized fundraising for students in Nepal. Their school was devastated after the earthquake.

Research Project

My research topic is “Ethics behind Climate Change” and my research mentor is Professor Tom Berry from Philosophy department.

My thesis is this. Ethical questions are crucial to the making of climate policies. Without solving the ethical problems regarding climate change, we cannot have effective policies on climate change. Three main ethical questions must be answered:

  1. How to balance the responsibilities of developed and developing countries.
  2. How to evaluate our responsibilities to future generations who will experience more of the undesirable consequences of climate change which is mainly caused by us. 
  3. How to evaluate the scientist’s advice and plans to slow or reverse global warming. 

By answering these ethical questions, we are able to achieve effective solutions on climate change. 

To solve these questions, I will use an analytical approach to the normative argument regarding the ethical problems posed by climate change. Then, I will do a critical assessment of arguments.

Professional Goal

For the future, I aspire to attend Business School for my master’s degree. My vision for myself is to become an influential leader in the business world.

I am really thankful that this fellowship provides me such a great opportunity to examine the issues behind climate change. Through this project, I deeply understand the importance of different countries to work together in confronting global issues, such as climate change.

Globalization is inevitable for human society. However, in recent years, international policies between large countries in the world seem contradictory towards the trend of globalization. For example, the trade war between China and the US.

Despite political factors, as a person who has experienced different cultures for years, I believe if you have experienced a different culture, you can get nothing else but respect for that culture. People can learn a lot by embracing different cultures in their life time.

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