Reflecting on my HSRF summer

It is hard to imagine that in the blink of an eye, the summer is nearly gone. Looking back at all the work I have done and the experiences I have gained during these weeks, I am truly grateful for the community and practical knowledge and experiences that the Health Sciences Research Fellowship has provided….

Communicating Health Sciences Research

Communicating research is an important skill for any researcher. In order for any field to progress, research must be shared, conveyed, and understood by a wide array of people to garner attention, funding, interest, and further research and experimentation. However, communicating research effectively can also be a challenging task as well.  In the health sciences…

HSRF 2: Our Multidisciplinary Community

The Health Sciences Research Fellowship brings together a community of ten unique researchers. Although all of us work on lab-based research centered around the health sciences, there is still so much diversity of personality, experiences, and research topics and methods. I hope to learn more about the other HSRF recipients and their research this summer….

Intro to My HSRF Journey!

Hello! My name is Jenny Jin, and I am a rising junior pursuing a Neuroscience major and Chemistry and CS minor. In addition to research, I enjoy various creative pursuits in my free time such as sketching or playing music. Recently, I learned how to play the ukulele! My research mentor is Dr. Zhang Manling,…