Healthcare in British Context Program Reflection

I am incredibly grateful for the time I was able to spend in London through my summer Healthcare in British Context program. I have had some time to reflect on my experiences and my growth both personally and professionally. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to learn and accomplish in only six weeks. I have had countless learning experiences that have greatly enhanced my undergraduate education. I was afraid that the time I would spend in London would be far too short to feel accomplished by the end of the program. However, while I wish I could’ve stayed longer, it is now clear to me the extent to what I have gained through this journey. I am confident that I acquired invaluable insight for my future work as a healthcare provider and lived experiences that I will remember for a lifetime.

My career goal is to become a Physician’s Assistant. I value a multifaceted experiential education that will help expand my outlook especially as it pertains to healthcare. This program tied well into my chemistry major and pre-health education. I interned at King’s College Hospital in the clinical biochemistry department where I was involved in ongoing medical research. I was able to attend multi-disciplinary team meetings with medical professionals, shadow clinics and the operating theatre, and explore different analytical processes within the laboratory. I also worked on a clinical audit to determine eligibility for new cholesterol lowering pharmaceutical drugs. I took Comparative Healthcare Systems and a Global Internship course through CEA CAPA. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the United States healthcare system and how it compares to other nations worldwide. It is important for me to be able to understand and evaluate different systems and policies in order to broaden my healthcare perspective. My Global Internship course helped tie my internship experiences into my courses and professional goals.

King’s College Hospital

Through this program, I was able to explore my own capabilities. I have grown tremendously in my confidence and adaptability. The skills I have acquired will help me tackle my future challenges and endeavors with a new global perspective. Some advice I would give to future students studying abroad is to always be open to new experiences. You will often find yourself way outside of your comfort zone and that can be a good thing. Take on the challenges with enthusiasm and embrace the differences in your new city. Take the time to explore the culture as much as possible. This is an experience you will look back on for a long time so be sure to make the absolute most of this learning opportunity.

The River Thames

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