Mapping Out my Goals

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. From Philly suburbs growing up to Pittsburgh for college, I have route I-76 memorized like the palm of my hand. Though it has been convenient to always be 5 hours from home, having that privilege has sheltered me. Several people I went to middle and high school with also attend Pitt, so I was never in a situation where I knew absolutely nobody.

Now I know absolutely nobody, and to me, that’s an incredible challenge but also an amazing opportunity. The introduction goes from “I’m from outside of Philly” to “I’m from the States” and the clubs and friend group that define me in Pittsburgh don’t exist. Suddenly, problems like how my dance team elections will go become miniscule from 10,000 miles away. My main goal these next few months is to feed into this change in perspective as much as possible and learn who I truly am when the comfort of Pennsylvania and all of my connections is stripped from me. Learn about what really matters versus what I have decided matters.

Only growing up in the US has also only exposed me to the US education system. Since getting here, I’ve loved learning about how schooling has worked in other countries. The people I’ve met from all over the world are intrigued by the SAT and holistic approach and I’m equally as intrigued by specializing in your major starting in high school and a 3-year bachelor’s degree. My long-term goal is to become a professor, so learning about education systems and other methods of teaching is crucial. I don’t ever want to assume that just because the US education system is the only one I know, it’s the correct or only way of teaching. Professionally, I hope to immerse myself in the University of Melbourne’s teaching and grading style and learn how it compares to home.

Academically, I am beyond excited to take the classes I have signed up for. This semester I’m taking a graduate biomechanics class, a mechanics and materials class, a course on how humans interact with the environment, and a course on the French Revolution (a diverse spread, I know). Because I want to pursue my PhD in biomechanics (or a related field), I am particularly excited to take the graduate course in biomechanics because it will give me a good introduction on what a graduate level caliber class in my favorite subject is like. I hope to gain depth and a global perspective in mechanics while also taking two humanities classes.

Finally, I hope to let myself travel and enjoy my time with the people I meet as much as possible and form connections that will last a lifetime.

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