A Semester in Marseille


            It’s hard to believe I’m already on to my second study abroad program. It feels like just yesterday I was anxiously counting down the days until I left for Berlin, where I completed my first study abroad experience. That was all the way back in May. It’s already January, and I’m getting ready to spend an entire semester in Marseille, France. I’ll be participating in an exchange program and attending classes at KEDGE Business School. I chose this program because I knew it would be the best opportunity for me to improve my French. Marseille is in the south of France, right along the coast. It is a massive city but there aren’t many tourists around during this time of the year meaning most people I encounter will only speak French. I have taken French for many years in school so I can understand well but like most Americans, I speak with a heavy accent. Being forced to practice every day and taking a weekly French class will greatly improve my speaking abilities. I also chose this program because Marseille is a great city, and the school I’ll be attending is in one of the most beautiful national parks in France called the Calanques. The south of France seems like an absolute dream and I can’t wait to try all kinds of new foods and experience things I can’t at home. 

            A little about me. My name is Ryan Bullett. I’m from Basking Ridge, New Jersey and I’m a junior at Pitt studying Marketing and Business Information Systems. I’m a lover of all sports, and I’m glad I chose a program that has many different sports-related activities. My personal goal during this trip is to stay fit despite all the bread and cheese I know I’m going to consume. Academically, I want to learn about the French approach to business. At the end of this program, I want to be able to use the new perspective I gain to help me in the classroom back in Pittsburgh. Professionally, I hope to learn transferable skills that will help me when it’s time to look for a job. Becoming proficient in French, for example will help me significantly. I also want to network and meet as many new people as I can. There’s a chance I live in Europe for a couple of years post-graduation, so expanding my network in France will definitely open up opportunities.

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