Wyoming Spring Creek – Final Goodbye

It’s hard to believe I just spent six weeks in Wyoming this summer. The first week of the trip felt like the longest week of my life and then all of a sudden I’m on a plane back to Pennsylvania. We covered so much ground out there (academically and physically) that it’s difficult to really understand how much I learned and the skills I gained.

Solidifying my geologic and ecological knowledge through real applications only scratches the surface to what I gained from Wyoming. Not to mention, “outside” of the classroom I gained so much insight on my next steps for graduate school and future plans that I value the most.

This course was rigorous, both physically and mentally. I really had to buckle down some days and fight the exhaustion in order to get the most out of some really amazing places. This trip helped my push out of my comfort zone, tested my limited, and showed me the not so pretty side of field work. It really makes me appreciate the hard work people put forth in the field and I hope to be a part of that one day.

Peace out Wyoming. It’s been a blast

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