Wyoming Spring Creek – A Final Love Letter

My Dear Wyoming,

Thank you for reminding me how small I am, Wyoming. Accepting our insignificance on a greater scale is really difficult, and understanding that the world does not only revolve around us is even harder. It is something complex, alive, and working on such a larger scale that none of us can fully comprehend. I am the first to admit, the first realization of this was scary, but now I see it as something almost relieving. Your large and open expansiveness really helped me put things into perspective. Without distractions, your rolling hills and shallow valleys gave me space to think and feel to a greater capacity than I ever had before. Some nights, when I would look up at the stars, I would get so overwhelmed with everything. However, it was almost comforting in a way. Your great expanse let me understand how big my emotions felt to me and reminded me that I am alive and human.

You reminded me just how much we came from nature and why it’s important to take care of the earth. As an environmental science student, constant bombardment of depressing news can make you forget why we really do love the planet. And even though I love having you all to myself, it’s frankly frustrating that more people can’t experience you like I did. Your craggy rock faces that seem completely desolate but manage to harbor the most delicate life. The green and purple soils of the Morrison that used to sculpt an earth completely different from the one we know today. And Your stars, Wyoming, I loved your stars the most of all. Sitting with my friends and seeing how their brightness pierced through the midnight sky really let me comprehend how truly vast everything is compared to me.

And finally Wyoming, you changed me for the better. I came into this experience unsure of myself in many ways. Was I on the right track? What kind of person was I really? You calmed my restlessness and showed me how to just do the best that I can and enjoy moments when they happen. Dwelling on the should haves and the could haves does me nothing, and you really solidified that. You helped me value good experiences and even better people in the now. So again Wyoming, thank you for reminding how small I am.

with love,


you mean the moon and back to me

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