Wyoming Spring Creek – Shoshone National Forest

On July 28th we stopped in Shoshone National Forest. The morning was spent with our handy dandy plant identification guides and we took some time to figure out some of the flora of the new area. We then trekked six miles through the land, stopping at amazing lakes and hillsides. The beauty of the places we visit in Wyoming is almost indescribable and this place was no different. In particular, my favorite stop was at an enormous lake that Mandi sarcastically called ‘Ugly Lake’. Pictures really can’t do this place justice.

After the hike, we drove to the top of a mountain, climbed around on some cool jagged rocks, and looked for pikas and mountain goats. It was unbelievable standing on the peak of that thing and looking at all of the valleys surrounding me that had been carved by glaciers. I’ll admit, after this point in the day, the lack of sleep and high elevation was getting to me; I was exhausted. Our last stop for the day involved a gushing waterfall that I barely had enough energy to appreciate, but breathtaking nonetheless. Doing a longer hike in an amazing area really got me pumped for what was to come for the rest of the trip. If a hike through a forest I’ve never heard of was this amazing, I couldn’t image what name brand places like Yellowstone and the Tetons had in store for me.

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